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Annual Membership Dinner honoring Rep. Rush Holt


 The Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) Annual Membership Gathering on Sunday afternoon, June 8 will honor Rep. Rush Holt, who will also be keynote speaker. The event will take place at the Princeton Theological Seminary.  Make your reservation(s) NOW!

The Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) cordially invites you

33rd Annual Membership Gathering

Sunday, June 8 

Sponsor Reception 1:00-2:00 PM 
Dinner 2:00-3:00 PM

Program 3:00-5:00 PM

Location: Mackay Campus Center,
Princeton Theological Seminary
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Honoree & Keynote Speaker

Rep. Rush Holt

rep. rush holt

Rep. Rush Holt has represented Central New Jersey in Congress since 1999. He is a resident of Hopewell Township, N.J. Born in West Virginia, he inherited his interest in politics from his parents. His father was the youngest person ever elected to the U.S. Senate, at age 29. His mother served as Secretary of State of West Virginia and was the first woman to hold that position.

Rep. Holt earned his B.A. in Physics from Carleton College in Minnesota and completed his Master's and Ph.D. at NYU. He has held positions as a teacher, Congressional Science Fellow, and arms control expert at the U.S. State Department where he monitored the nuclear programs of countries such as Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union.

From 1989 until he launched his 1998 congressional campaign, Holt was Assistant Director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, the largest research facility of Princeton University and the largest center for research in alternative energy in New Jersey. He has conducted extensive research on alternative energy and has his own patent for a solar energy device. Holt was also a five-time winner of the game show "Jeopardy." In February 2011, Holt beat Watson, IBM's computer system in a simulated round of Jeopardy at an event to promote innovation.

Rep. Holt is a Sponsor of the Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) and has been a strong champion for peace legislation throughout his Congressional career. As one of the few scientists in Congress, he has special credibility on technical aspects of peace issues. He has strongly opposed the Iraq War, and pushed for a more rapid exit from Afghanistan. CFPA is proud to present him with its highest honor, the Peace Pebble, as he concludes his congressional career at the end of 2014.

Additional Honorees:    

Ed Aguilar, Esq: Ed is a Philadelphia based lawyer and co-founded the Project for Nuclear Awareness (PNA) based there. Before volunteering to be Director of CFPA’s Pennsylvania Office, he served in a number of leadership roles in PNA. He has co-led numerous lobby days to Washington DC and been primary organizer for large peace events—symposia, rallies, conferences--in the Philadelphia area for a number of years. Ed has played a leading role in fighting to protect the right to vote, as well as in CFPA’s Peace Voter Campaigns.

The Rev. Carlton Branscomb: The Rev. Branscomb is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Princeton.  The Rev. Branscomb is also a CFPA board member. He has collaborated with CFPA on Peace Economy education and Stand Against Racism events. In 2013, he arranged for most of his congregation to attend the Interfaith Service for Peace with Ambassador Andrew Young preaching; spoke passionately at CFPA’s Commemoration of the Newtown Anniversary, and hosted the annual Martin Luther King Interfaith Service in January 2014. 
Dr. Firoozeh (Rose) Vali: Dr. Vali, a leader in the Iranian-American community, is a long time supporter of CFPA’s efforts, especially the “Diplomacy, Not War in Iran” Campaign. In early 2014, she spearheaded an incredible collaboration of the Iranian American community with CFPA’s Peace Education and Concert Committees to present a Persian New Year Celebration, with Persian music, traditional New Year pastries and table of food and flowers, and description of customs. The event was attended by a diverse crowd of 175, and resulted in significant new support for CFPA’s ongoing efforts.

The Membership Dinner and Program are for CFPA Members and their guests. Reservations are now open.  Reserve your spot now by clicking the "Order Now" button below.  If you want to receive an invitation and aren't yet a member (or haven't renewed for 2014), click here to join/renew and be invited.