On February 25, 2021, the Delaware River Basin Commission voted to ban fracking in the Delaware River Basin AND to remove from consideration the regulations that would have allowed water withdrawals from the basin for fracking elsewhere and wastewater imports into the basin for treatment, processing, storage, or disposal.

This is all thanks to the efforts of passionate advocates like you; and of many organizations, including CFPA. CFPA is proud to be continuing and expanding our pioneering No Wars, No Warming Campaign that we initiated in conjunction with the massive 2015 Peoples' Climate March in NYC.

While we celebrate this victory, let’s not forget there’s more to be done. 

Specifically, CFPA has been following closely the proposed LNG export terminal in Gibbstown, NJ. Click here to view a presentation and discussion about the project, from CFPA's event on 2/20.   

In summary: 
  • There's a proposal to build a new port on the Delaware River, and use it to store and transport liquefied natural gas (LNG), most likely to be brought in by freight rail cars across Pennsylvania and then shipped out. 
  • This project continues support for fracking and the fossil fuel industry. Additionally, LNG production and transport involves mass emissions of methane and CO2. 
  • It also exposes communities (many of which are already marginalized) along the transport route to highly risky "bomb trains" and potentially explosive boats. 
Important links to take action:

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