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Last November, 4.4 million New Jersey residents voted by mail. That’s the most voters ever to cast ballots in a New Jersey election. And for the first time, there was a post-election random audit which was possible because almost all votes were cast by paper ballots. 

The audit was certified as completely accurate by election officials in every county. Even in the face of a global pandemic, paper ballots enabled a safe, transparent, and accurate election for all of New Jersey. 

The historic audit of the election was the result of years of advocacy by CFPA and our partners. While the accuracy of the 2020 election is undoubtedly a success, our work is not done! 

As the state and counties continue to push for further investment in more electronic voting machines, it is vital that we keep up the pressure and continued momentum to ensure the accuracy of future elections. The hybrid machines being hawked by vendors that mark and tabulate ballots in one machine are insecure, expensive, and unable to be accurately audited. And reverting to the old, insecure touchscreen machines provides no option for an accurate recount. 

While computers can fail, a paper ballot can always be recounted and verified. The only way to guarantee the accuracy of election results is with the use of hand-marked paper ballots coupled with a random audit. 

To make meaningful and necessary corrections to our election system, a broad coalition and base of support is required. We need YOU!


  • Contact Gov. Murphy and strongly urge that he issue an Executive Order for hand-marked paper ballots, optical scan machines, and ballot-marking devices for the disabled here. He claimed to support paper ballots in his signed Candidate Questionnaire before the 2017 gubernatorial election.

  • Use your voice and send a letter to the editor to your local newspaper using our template.

  • Read and share our fact sheet on the importance of hand-marked paper ballot voting.

Check out our Voting Security page on the CFPA website to stay informed and up to date on our work on this issue - and please share widely! It is vital that we generate substantial buzz to keep this issue on our elected officials’ radar. 

Without accurate and transparent elections, a democracy cannot survive. You have been instrumental in past campaigns and we need YOUR help to ensure that every future election is accurate. Join us TODAY to continue this momentum and develop a groundswell of support for hand-marked paper ballots. TOGETHER we can protect our democracy.


Stephanie Harris

Stephanie Harris Circle

Chair, Voting Integrity Task Force
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