Diplomacy Not War

Initially sent to CFPA supporters on May 11, 2022

I had alarm bells go off in my mind this morning when I read this excellent NY Times op-ed warning of the strong likelihood of war with Iran if the diplomacy now near finalizing renewal of the Iran Nuclear Agreement isn't completed soon. 

CFPA initiated a Diplomacy, Not War Campaign in 2013 in support of the Iran Nuclear Agreement, which kept Iran from getting nuclear weapon capability. That agreement went into force in 2015 and succeeded in keeping Iran from getting nuclear weapon capability until 2020, after which Iran began enriching closer and closer to nuclear weapon capability. 

I'm writing to urge your quick action NOW for it to kick into high gear to support renewing that Agreement! Click here NOW to email your US Senators and Representative urging them to immediately contact President Biden asking that he remove the main obstacle to renewing the Iran Nuclear Agreement.  

Since President Trump withdrew from that Agreement in 2018, Iran has accumulated enough nuclear weapons grade material to build a Bomb, possibly within weeks! Click here NOW to email your US Senators and RepresentativeIt only takes a minute! 

A senior Senate aide told me in 2015 that such emails were a significant factor in persuading her boss to support the Agreement, which passed by a very narrow margin! Excellent progress has been made in negotiations leading toward the renewal of the Agreement, which would prevent a possible attack on Iran's nuclear facilities and almost certainly result in a major war with Iran. With the horrifying Ukraine war already underway, that is the last thing that America and the world need.

The main impediment preventing the negotiations from concluding is removing the designation of the Iran Revolutionary Guard (IRG) as a terrorist organization. But, as the NY Times op-ed makes clear, that is a mostly symbolic gesture that only prevents current and former IRG members from traveling to other nations--which almost never happens.

President Biden is hesitating, as taking this step will inevitably generate blowback from forces which have long opposed the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Please click here NOW to urge your US Senators and Representative to contact President Biden to urge him to take that crucial step, so the Agreement can be renewed now--before it's too late to prevent war with Iran!

P.S. If you can also phone your US Senators and Representative, that increases your impact--they don't cross reference constituent emails and phone calls. So you effectively double your impact! Just call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121!


The Rev. Robert Moore   
Executive Director,
Coalition for Peace Action &
Peace Action Education Fund
40 Witherspoon Street
Princeton, NJ 08542

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