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Zaporizhzhia, the largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine, and in all of Europe, could become the site of a large-scale nuclear catastrophe given rising tensions and continued shelling.

We don’t really know all that is happening. We hear reports from both Russian and Ukrainian sources, each side pointing fingers at the other. We are faced with the possibility of major nuclear catastrophe, including a devastating “dirty bomb” that could kill millions and would render the land radioactive. Intense diplomacy is the only way to prevent this outcome. Click here or below to quickly email your Congresspersons and the US Secretary of State!

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Both Russia and Ukraine have finally agreed to have the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), the UN’s nuclear watchdog, inspect the plant. IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi is leading a team of inspectors who are now making their way there.

People around the world are terrified of a potential catastrophe at Zaporizhzhia. We must do all that we can to urge our country to engage in intense diplomacy NOW!

We call on the Biden Administration to change strategy in Ukraine from endless war to serious negotiations. It’s time to push for a settlement that includes a ceasefire, withdrawal of Russian troops, a commitment to Ukraine’s independence and neutrality, and security guarantees for both Ukraine and Russia.

We need an urgent diplomatic push to prevent destruction in Ukraine and a potential nuclear catastrophe. Click here or below to quickly email your Congresspersons and the US Secretary of State!

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