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Last month UN Secretary-General Guterres issued a stark warning: "The nuclear shadow that loomed over humanity last century has returned with a vengeance. The nuclear risk is higher than at any point since the depths of the Cold War."

Putin's war on Ukraine and his nuclear saber rattling have significantly increased the risk of nuclear war. A March 9 New York Times story revealed that in October 2022--almost exactly 60 years after the Cuban Missile Crisis brought the world to the brink of nuclear war--Putin's threat to use his nuclear weapons was estimated by top US officials to be "50% or higher." 

The last remaining treaty capping the massive Russian and U.S. nuclear stockpiles is due to expire in less than two years. Meanwhile, as China is building up its smaller but still deadly nuclear force, some members of Congress and national security insiders are pushing to increase the size and diversity of the U.S. arsenal to counter two "near-peer" nuclear adversaries. 

Unless Washington and Moscow agree to maintain the current ceiling of 1,550 deployed strategic warheads set by the New START agreement past 2026, a costly, dangerous three-way nuclear arms race looms on the horizon.

Last weekend, in response to these and other nuclear dangers, the New York Times launched a special series of must-read editorials about the nuclear danger and why the world is nowAt the Brink.” In the introduction to the series, the paper’s opinion editor says: It's Time to Protest Nuclear War Again

For over 43 years, CFPA has been working exactly toward that end. With our sister groups across the country, we have mobilzed to achieve an 82% reduction in nuclear warheads globally! Click to see a short overview of CFPA's organizing toward that major progress!

But starting with George W. Bush's 2001 withdrawal from the foundational ABM Treaty, all but one of the Treaties that achieved those reductions has been undone. Only the New START Agreement remains in place, and that last remaining Treaty is set to expire in 2026. 

Soon, a new Congressional Resolution is expected to be introduced that condemns Russia's dangerous nuclear threats, and calls for sustained efforts to engage Russia and China on nuclear arms control. We need your help to support that.

Even more important, it's urgent that we succeed in preventing the planned $2 trillion build-up of US nuclear weapons--deceptively called "nuclear modernization"--over the next 30 years!

To meet the above challenges and build on our extensive successes, I urgently request that you click the button below to contribute ONLINE NOW!

We can only meet the daunting challenges ahead if we each do our part, starting with contributing NOW as generously as possible. Make your commitment to intensify CFPA’s nuclear disarmament work in this critical Election Year ONLINE TODAY!

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The Rev. Robert Moore 
Executive Director 
Coalition for Peace Action &
Peace Action Education Fund 
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