Chomsky: "The most severe threats in human history"

As this new year of 2017 starts, we want to share a profoundly challenging message from Prof. Noam Chomsky, which he delived to 2,300 people at Riverside Church on December 5. See an excerpt below. 

We now face are the most severe dangers that have ever arisen in human history. They are literal threats to survival: nuclear war, environmental catastrophe. These are very urgent concerns.They cannot be delayed.

They became more urgent on November 8...They have to be faced directly, and soon, if the human experiment is not to prove to be a disastrous failure.

We're pleased that Prof. Chomsky, one of CFPA's sponsors, will speak at our 38th annual Conference and Multifaith Service for Peace in Princeton on November 12.

But we need to take Prof. Chomsky's urgent call seriously, and we invite you to join CFPA to mobilize to meet these existential threats, starting NOW!

We're reminded of several slogans from past decades of organizing: Protest and Survive; and Better Active Today than Radioactive Tomorrow!

The good and hopeful news is that we've faced similar threats before and reversed them! See further information in Executive Director Rev. Bob Moore's December 30 Trenton Times op-ed.

There are three ways you can join CFPA in mobilizing:

First, click here and contribute your 2017 Membership. Even more helpful, use the pledge option to give your financial support throughout the year. Click here to make a tax deductible donation to our educational efforts

Second, click here to volunteer your time and talent to help with CFPA's organizing. People power has been key to the progress of CFPA and sister groups over the years!

Third, whether or not you can volunteer or donate, participate in events sponsored or co-sponsored by CFPA. See them listed on our CFPA's home page, and under Events on the right.

We hope you will act NOW in one or more of the ways above to make your 2017 Committment to Peace!

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