Representative Ted Lieu and Senator Ed Markey just introduced a bill in the US House and Senate that would restrict the authority of the President to start a nuclear war.

The Restricting Use of Nuclear Weapons Act (H.R. 669/S. 200) prohibits the President from launching nuclear weapons without a Congressional declaration of war or in response to a nuclear attack. Click here to send emails to support this bill.

This bill is particularly important with the nuclear launch codes now in President Trump's control. The President's reckless and volatile behavior towards nuclear weapons poses an increased and urgent danger that nuclear weapons will be used. Click here for more background.

The present situation has even prompted The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to move up the time on the Doomsday Clock to just 2 and 1/2 minutes to midnight!

We urge you to click here NOW to email your Congress members asking them to co-sponsor and support this bill! It only takes a minute and will help remove the hair trigger on nuclear weapons!

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