The other week, Senator Booker was among just 13 cosponsors of Sen. Chris Murphy’s amendment to the Defense Appropriations Act that would have blocked funding for the Saudi-led coalition’s war crimes in Yemen.

Ultimately, Senate leadership stopped the amendment from getting a vote.

But Sen. Booker joined only a few others in saying: Enough is enough. And he has to hear about it from constituents like you.

Click here to thank Sen. Booker for cosponsoring Sen. Murphy’s Yemen amendment.

This month alone, the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen — aided by the United States — bombed and killed over 60 Yemeni children in two separate airstrikes. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

Sen. Booker made no powerful Washington friends by taking a stand against the Saudi-led coalition. But he did the right thing. 

Send Sen. Booker a quick thank you by clicking here! 

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