Donald Trump has withdrawn from the INF Treaty, a 30-year-old nuclear treaty that banned a new kind of dangerous nuclear bomb and ended the Cold War.

This is terrifying. Trump is already building new nukes he thinks are “usable.” And there is already nothing stopping Trump from launching a nuclear bomb.

Earlier, Trump withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Now, Trump and his war cabinet are trampling the few remaining nuclear agreements we have, and increasing the likelihood of a horrifying nuclear war.

But we have one massive piece of leverage. Trump can’t get the money to build his terribly dangerous new nukes without a thumbs-up from Congress.

Twenty-one bold Senators and Representatives (including Rep. Wild from PA) just introduced a bill — S. 312 or H.R 1231, the Prevention of Arms Race Act 2019 — that denies Trump funding to build these new nukes right away.

Click here to email Congress: Don’t let Trump bring back banned nukes.

The treaty Trump is scrapping was signed by Ronald Reagan. That’s right — the new nukes Trump is after were too dangerous for Reagan.

We simply cannot let a thin-skinned, short-tempered president who makes Twitter threats of nuclear annihilation actually get his hands on these horrible new nukes.

There’s no two ways around it: Ditching this treaty makes a nuclear war way more likely.

And the only way to change that is by drawing a hard line against giving Trump the incredibly dangerous new nuclear weapons he is after. That’s where we come in.

Tell Congress: Do not fund Trump’s new nukes.

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