Edward A. Aguilar, J.D., Pennsylvania Director

Edward A. Aguilar, J.D., Pennsylvania Director Ed Aguilar is director for the Coalition for Peace Action in the Greater Philadelphia region. After successful collaboration on the New START Treaty (2010), in 2012, he opened the Philadelphia CFPA office, and organized a Voting Rights campaign, to allow 50,000 college students to vote, who were being denied by the “PA Voter ID Law”, later reversed. Ed has worked on rallies and conferences at Friends Center; Temple, Philadelphia, and Drexel Universities; and the Philadelphia Ethical Society—on the climate crisis, drones, mass incarceration, nuclear disarmament, and diplomacy with Iran.

Ed is a lawyer by profession, J.D. from Temple University Law School. At the Philadelphia Courts, he was a Special Master on issues of civil and constitutional rights for 22 years, 1979- 2000. As an adjunct professor, Ed has taught Criminal Justice and Constitutional Law, and most recently Arms Control and Nuclear Disarmament at St. Joseph’s University. He has served on the Board of the Envision Peace Museum (since 2011), National Council of Advisors of Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy (since 2012), and most recently the Board of Resolution Media Fund (2013-present), which produced Groundswell Rising-- Protecting Our Children's Air and Water, from the award-winning director, Renard Cohen.

With Lawyers Alliance for World Security (1986-2008), Project for Nuclear Awareness (2006-2012), Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities (2000-2006), and the Peace Coalition since 2012, Ed has worked for the rule of law, for sensible arms control and disarmament, and for federal budget priorities that reflect human needs. Contact Ed at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CFPA, 1515 Cherry Street, Philadelphia PA, 19102.

Cathy Leary, Bucks and Eastern Montgomery Counties
(BuxMont), PA, Director


In 1999 I became a member of United Christian Church in Levittown where I met the Reverend Alfred Krass. Al was the coordinator for BuxMont CFPA at the time.  I became interested in peace and justice work as a direct result of Al and the church’s influence. I then became a volunteer for CFPA.

When Al retired I became very active with CFPA and helped organize many events, including our weekly vigil against the Iraq war in Fairless Hills that we sustained for over three years.  In 2008 a new Army recruitment center opened across from the video arcade in the Franklin Mills Mall called the Army Experience Center.  This was a turning point in my activism as we worked relentlessly to get the Army to close this center that was giving the impression to children that war was just like a video game. The Center had simulated Humvees and other video games the children would play while the staff (recruiters) would walk around and talk with them.  This center was the site of many rallies and was finally shut down, earlier than planned by the Army, in 2010.

I helped organize a very successful rally around Mother’s Day in 2011 on the subject of Universal Background Checks. I became the coordinator of the BuxMont chapters a few years ago and we have had many successful vigil, rallies, and meetings surrounding this subject as well as other peace and social justice campaigns.  We maintain a monthly protest at the Drone Command Center in Horsham PA.

We plan to continue to have events in PA that we hope have a positive impact on our community. I want to thank everyone for their continued support of BuxMont CFPA.

Cathy Leary
BuxMont Coalition for Peace Action

Dolores Phillips, Legislative Director Ceasefire NJ

Dolores A. Phillips Prof. Photo

Dolores A. Phillips is the Legislative Director of Ceasefire NJ, the Coalition for Peace Action's gun violence prevention organization. For 25 years she has developed mastery of public relations and government relations, press conferences, strategic communications, strategic planning, marketing, and campaigns for the sole purpose of realizing public policy changes to improve environmental health, the ecosystem, and public health.

Trained by one of Ralph Nader’s organizations, Clean Water Action, and in the grassroots action of animal rights organizations, Phillips spent 12 years developing sustained unique legislative, strategic PR and innovative grassroots campaigns to help Clean Water win numerous new environmental laws, regulations, funding, and enforcement to improve environmental conditions in NJ. Simultaneously, Phillips was the executive director of the political action committee, Vote Environment, for nine years.

An R&D solar energy manufacturer recruited Phillips in 1999, her first stint in the “Green” private sector, served in for nine years as Director of Government Relations, Regulatory, and Public Affairs (and health and safety). Subsequently, Phillips directed the Mid-Atlantic Solar Industries Association for 3 years.

Phillips has won the U.S. EPA Environmental Quality Award from the U.S. E.P.A. Region II, was a voting member of the Princeton Health Commission for six years, and has served in other voluntary roles including Chair of the Princeton Friends of Tibet et al., and the Safe Lawns Coordinator for Sustainable Lawrence.

She received her Masters in Public Health (M.P.H.) in environmental and public health at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ (UMDNJ) – School of Public Health – Rutgers University. Her B.S. is in Human Nutrition from Rutgers University. She is also a dog-lover, musician, landscape photographer, fiber-artist, arts and crafts preservationist, tree-hugger, and history buff.

R. Alesha Vega, Assistant Director

R. Alesha Vega, Assistant Director

Alesha Vega joined the Coalition for Peace Action as the Assistant Director in August of 2014.

First, I would like to thank Reverend Bob Moore, the committee members, and our CFPA constituency, for giving me the opportunity to work for and represent such an important organization during a critical time for our nation and the world. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to make change for the greater good, do things that would really have a positive impact on our society, and generate valuable implications that would echo throug the consciousness of my fellow man and woman. Working for CFPA allows me to accomplish this personal, as well as professionally shared mission.

As an undergrad at Rutgers University, my major concentration was in Biological Science with a minor in Spanish Literature. As a pre-med student at Rutgers, I was a four year member of the American Medical Student’s Association (AMSA), Rutgers Students for a Free Tibet, and an Edward J Bloustein Scholar.

After graduating from Rutgers, I began work at my alma mater as a research assistant to a disabled African American Scientist in the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. During this time, it became impossible for me to ignore the injustice that was occurring in my country and throughout the world. I decided to shift gears and pursue a Masters in Public Policy from Monmouth University while still working full time for the university.

After acquiring my M.A., my passion for progressive change, justice, and peace became relentless wherein I decided to dedicate one year to work at the subsistence level, serving via AmeriCorps Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) in Trenton, NJ. While at TASK I gained invaluable knowledge on how a non-profit is run from the grassroots organization, to the communication & development levels. I became proficient in social media, and have become an expert on its use in the non-profit world. I have an intrinsic love for music and art, I am classically trained in piano, and I am intermediately proficient in the Spanish language. I am in the office most weekdays from 9:30-5:30, feel free to contact me atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 609 924 5022.

R. Alesha Vega, CFPA Assistant Director